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Dreamweaver CS5: Advanced (for Designers)

Web Design Courses

This Adobe authorised course has been created for designers who have a good working knowledge of Dreaweaver but are looking to expand their expertise. This course will allow you to design more stylised and interactive web pages with precise, contemporary designs and engaging layouts that include many dynamic features and functions. It will also give you a clearer understanding of how to manage websites, and for creating more accessible and search friendly pages. This course is fast moving and assumes you already have a good working knowledge of Dreamweaver and a basic and conceptual knowledge of HTML and CSS. If this is not the case, please call us to discuss your requirements and we can tailor a course to your current knowledge level.

Private Tuition

We'll tailer and design a course specifically to your needs, at your offices or ours, for 1 or more people. Just tell us what you need.

Private individual tuition: £990

Prices exclude VAT

Course Description

Web basics recap and what's new in CS5
• Review of basic server client model and the important
areas for web designers
• The roles of HTML, CSS and Behaviours (javascript)
• Web standards and different DOCTYPE specifications
• Overview and exploration of different browsers
• The importance of accessibility requirements
• Changes in Dreamweavers interface and workspaces
• New features and depreciated features

DW site set up
• Creating a local site - changes in site set up for CS5
• Adding files and assets to the site
• Understanding the remote server dialogue
Setting up, cleaning and structuring a web page
• New document set up in DW preferences
• Creating new web pages
• Adding meta data (keywords and descriptions)
• Adding character encoding and declaring natural page
• Importing from text files and using paste special
• Importing tabular data and other content from files
• Cleaning and converting word HTML and older HTML
• Using the Edit Replace dialogue in DW

CSS basics recap
• Understanding the cascade
• Understanding the properties of a style sheet
• Review of different CSS properties and suitable values
• Understanding different selectors

Working with CSS in Dreamweaver
• Review of the CSS panel
• Creating new style sheets and rules
• Exporting CSS rule definitions and attaching external
style sheets
• Understanding the media property
• Styling text with CSS
• About other media and creating a print style sheet

Understanding layout basics
• Div's and span's
• The CSS box model
• Layout options and concepts
• Floats, absolute, relative and fixed positioning

More advanced graphics work
• Overview of current image file formats and options
• Image alt and longdesc options
• Creating an image map
• Using CSS to add background images
• Creating transparency in web pages with images
• Using images for text and making a CSS image swap

Creating page layouts using DW
• Drawing, nesting and positioning ApDiv's
• Id selectors in CSS and compound CSS selectors
• Inserting Div tags
• Using visual aids in DW
• Creating a centred container
• Creating a floated 2 and 3 column layout
• Controlling floats
• Adding graphics to the layout (faux columns)
• Making rounded cornered containers
• Working with live view

Building and styling basic navigation bars
• HTML lists for navigation bars
• Linking the navigation bar using point to file
• Creating anchor links and basic in-line link CSS styles
• Creating buttons using CSS styles
• Adding background imagery and icons to CSS buttons
• Creating a jump menu form
• Using advanced CSS3 selectors for adding document
specific icons to document links
• Marking the navigation bar to show visitors location

Building a basic feedback web form
• About forms, form controls and labels
• Building a form in Dreamweaver
• Adding field sets and legends to larger forms
• Simple form validation using the behaviours panel
• Adding a text clearing script to a form
• Processing a simple contact us form using PHP
• Styling a form using CSS

Taking forms further with Spry form validation
• Building a survey form in DW
• Adding spry validation form controls
• Modifying the spry validation form and CSS

Taking layout further with Spry widgets
• About the spry framework (AJAX, Javascript and spry)
• Spry widget options
• Adding a drop down or fly out navigation bar
• Adding a tabbed panel or a Spry tool tip to your page
• Modifying the CSS behind a spry widget
• Taking the spry widget further with spry visual effects
• Creating an image gallery using a DW lightbox

Testing, checking and uploading your site
• Validating CSS and HTML code
• Checking spelling, dead links and orphaned pages
• Checking browser support and compatibility
• Using Adobe browser lab
• Cloaking folders and files
• Configuring live servers and uploading the site to live
• Making site changes and synchronising site files


If you have any questions, or you would like to find out more about this training course - please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help.


Tel: 0845 676 2250

Email: Sales

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