I'm a Swedish-born and US-educated Graphic Designer looking for a full-time or temporary position as a Graphic Designer or Interactive Designer in London! This portfolio includes projects created at Publicis Modem, digital ad agency, and Grid 2, retail design firm, as well as a freelance design project for DJ Spooky and a student project that made me the 3rd place winner of the US national package design competition ICMAD Young Designer's Award. For more examples of my work please have a look at my online portfolio at http://www.jotysk.com!

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Aurora Shampoo Design

Client: Studentproject

Brief: Create a product within the beauty/health sector and carry the whole design through as far as naming, concept and illustration. I created an ... more

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Logo development and implementation for Urban Innovations by Wickes Furniture

Client: Wickes Furniture

Brief: Create an identity that expresses sophistication and urban innovation as far as plan solutions in dense urban living situations. The overlappin ... more

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DVD Cover for Rebirth of a Nation by DJ Spooky

Client: Starz Media

Brief: Create a DVD cover for the release of the DVD of DJ Spooky's Rebirth of Nation – a multimedia experience performed live across the world, based ... more

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Banner and web site design for proposal for Yellowtail Sparkling Wine Campaign

Client: Yellowtail

Brief: Create an online campaign that draws traffic to a Yellowtail Sparkling Wine campaign site. The banners in this proposal play on modern pop cult ... more