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World's First Loyalty Program For Dogs

World's First Loyalty Program For Dogs

Posted by: TBWA Worldwide | Date added: Fri 06 Oct 2017

Biscuit - the very first customer loyalty program for dogs launches out of TBWA\HELSINKI

Dogs are now getting served over their human owners as Musti Group, Nordic’s leading pet specialty retailer, launches Biscuit - a small smart device that utilizes RFID technology to provide dogs a five star in-store experience.

”Our job is to make the lives of our customers and their dogs easier, safer and more fun. Biscuit is the newest addition to our existing [human] customer loyalty program. We want to be a pioneer in creating a multichannel customer experience and since more and more shoppers bring their dogs along, it made sense to put even more focus on our real customers”, explains the Marketing Director of Musti Group, Henri Mäkinen.

Biscuit utilizes RFID technology in creating and recognizing personal dog data from their name and birthday, down to their favorite treat and shopping history. The gadget is attached on the dog’s collar. When a dog wearing Biscuit walks into a store, RFID readers recognize the dog, allowing the staff to give their four-legged customer exactly their kind of, personalized service. Biscuit is developed together with advertising agency TBWA\Helsinki.

“These days a lot of pet supply brands claim to do things for the dogs but behave otherwise. There are 650 000 dogs only in Finland, so it’s about time they get their own customer ‘loyalty cards’!” says Juha-Matti Raunio, Head of Innovation at TBWA\Helsinki.

The gadget will be launched on October 4th at the World Animal Day gala in Helsinki, Finland. The gala is an exclusive event for dogs and their owners only. It contains tailor-made activity for the furry customers of Musti Group, such as a bar, tasting menu, casino and nail trimming salon with the owners just getting avec passes. Dress code is: collar and Biscuit.