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Take Five - Andrew Diey, founder of Radium Audio

Posted by: Creativematch | Date added: Wed 17 Jun 2009

Andrew Diey, founder of Radium Audio, answers our quickfire questions.

Andrew Diey, is the founder of Radium Audio Ltd, and work on brands, such as Ferrari, Coca Cola, Bentley, Harry Potter, Toyota, VH1, MTV, Vodafone, Mercedes, Virgin Media, Nike, Honda, Homebase, VW, Warner Brothers, Atari and also supplying both digital & agencies. AKQA, Glue London, Avenue A Razorfish, Rapier, Dare, Academy Films, McCann Erickson, LOWE worldwide, Vh1, MTV.

What does ‘creative’ mean to you?
Creative is about ideas, ideas that win and successfully tell a story that people want to engage with. Our creative is sound and this means you have a unique opportunity to share an emotion as well as entertain, inform and narrate.

What’s your best piece of business advice?
Before you have a business, you should have a vision, and all things should come from your vision for what you want to achieve. Once you have your vision for your business, positioning, identity, and a definitive example of what you do should work to augment your offering. Ask your self, What will we be famous for?

Who do you most admire?
We have a gallery in the studio of people that we admire. Some of the notable entries; Jonathan Ives, Edward Berneys, Seth Godin, Seymour Powell.. you get the idea.

What in the world could be done better?
Sound within advertising is something which would benefit from being understood better, the Film & Games industry understand that sound is a vital sense to be crafted. However this is still a misunderstood part of the creative chain within advertising and digital.

But over the last 2 years we have seen a much richer sonic experience online, agencies are starting to appreciate sound has the ability to reach the audience on a much more human level than interaction, visuals, and with this, we evangelize what we do.

Where do you see yourself in 10 year’s time?
I would like to have a closer relationship with the construction of the corporate products I work with, so that sound can play a role in the overall experience, usability, and story of many of the brands that we work with.

I would also like to have written a few books on the subject of sound for products, the soul of brands, its uses and functionality for agencies, brands and beyond.


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