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June FlairPhoto Winner - Bola Owolabi

June FlairPhoto Winner - Bola Owolabi

Posted by: Creativematch Flair | Date added: Thu 07 Jul 2005

Congratulations to Bola! Bola has been chosen as the June FlairPhoto winner. Bola will receive a Display membership and be featured across creativematch for one month.

Bola Owolabi's Chip Shop caught my eye because of its understated and appropriate treatment for a mundane subject. The rather sickly, painterly treatment was not overdone or gimmicky. Despite the non-sexy situation, the image kept my interest, visually and through the narrative..

Ian Cartwright, Judge

Title: Chip Shop


The brief was to focus on any part of London and document it photographically. The project is based on an old chip shop based in south London. This traditional chip shop harbours such character and history. The owners have owned the shop for 15 years and have become inseparable from it, they too are stuck in the past. I have highlighted the mundane activties that the owners partake in through the use of a cross colour process. The dominate green (featuring throughout the set) caused by this process reveals the flat, constancy of the owners lives. Bola Owolabi can be contacted at :

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