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Broadcast success for no-budget music documentary

Broadcast success for no-budget music documentary

Posted by: Raya Films | Date added: Sun 20 Nov 2011

Caroline Spence, producer of an unconventional no-budget music documentary, has succeeded in striking a deal for the film to be broadcast throughout 2012 in the USA and Caribbean


The Producer


MONEY NOW, GLORY LATER! took one year and high doses of - some might say unrealistic - optimism to fight through the obstacles inevitably faced when producing something as creative and unique as this documentary. Ironically, this dogged determination from both Caroline and her subject, singer/songwriter James Ryan, paid off when after six months everything fell apart and the story veered off onto a completely unplanned direction. As a result, the finished documentary, which follows James as he battles to write and record a new album, is anything but conventional.

“If it hadn’t been for musicians bailing out, complete lack of funds and a heavy snowfall, I don’t think this documentary would have turned out as intriguing as it did.” Caroline explains. “The setbacks far outnumbered progress in terms of both music and film production. We had very little support and certainly no subsidy or funding assistance from any government or industry organisations.”

The route to success was not an obvious one: Caroline has worked with leading experts Eugenie Smith International Marketing, on corporate marketing and television projects over the last decade - this opened the door for contacts and distribution of her creative film ideas.

“In the end, James had only one option left to him: to record his music using one acoustic guitar on board an old sailing yacht moored up on the Spanish coast. But this ‘final option’ scenario was a blessing in disguise - had he recorded his album in a conventional manner, for instance in a recording studio with a band supporting him, he would never have produced such a unique album, and I would not have a documentary with such an absorbing narrative.”

The Film

Filmed on location in London, Paris, Andalucía and England’s New Forest, this fascinating documentary film combines fly-on-the-wall footage with atmospheric camerawork. MONEY NOW, GLORY LATER! showcases an original musical fusion of blues, jazz and Latin and treats the viewer to a raw and sometimes anguished glimpse into the world of songwriting.

With music and lyrics inspired by rum shacks, beach life and tropical rain, as well as being professionally mastered by ThatzDatHeat Productions of Trinidad and Tobago, the documentary should find a welcome home amongst the twenty plus island nations of the Caribbean. And with a gritty, bluesy Americana style reflected in tracks such as City Girl, Long Lonely Night or Selfish Man, US audiences will relate to the rootsy nature of the work.

The album ‘Cocktail of Blues’, has been received with enthusiasm and excellent reviews; tracks now have airplay in Spain, Japan, USA, Caribbean and UK. A related music video, for the song ‘Going Crazy’ is also to be broadcast across the USA and Caribbean throughout 2012. This was originally a viral video placed on YouTube to grab the attention of the public and broadcasters… it certainly did just that.

More Distribution

Having secured the Caribbean and USA, Caroline is looking for more territories, so please contact Raya Films for details.


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