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British woman's fashion dilemma starts popular blog that answers a daily question asked  by millions every day:

Posted by: LoopPR | Date added: Thu 09 Aug 2012

Querky new UK blog enjoys rapidly growing global fanbase and Twitter following.

A new UK blog, that invites followers to help the site’s owner and creator to select and vote for the clothes she should wear for a variety of occasions, is fast becoming a hit with fans across the world with over 18,400 visitors and more than 7,900 twitter fans. Approximately twice a month, visitors to are able to view and select their favourite outfit from a choice of three photographs featuring the blog’s creator Gg (Gemma) Rogers that they would like to see her wear at genuine events she is due to attend. Every time a new blog is posted, views can peak to nearly 500 in a matter of a few hours, as there is often less than 24 hours for fans of the blog to make their selection. The blog has already caught the eye of the Sun!

Thought to be the first blog of its kind, the largely female followers range from all ages and generations, from teenagers to pensioners and visit the site from countries outside the UK including Canada and North America, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Australia.

Initially established by Surrey-based entrepreneur and social media fanatic Rogers in October 2011 following the loss of her mother, Rogers comments on the blog’s surge in popularity: “The ‘what should I wear?’ question is asked every day by millions of people globally, appearing on Google over 45 million times a month. Asking for someone’s opinion about what to wear is probably asked more often by women than ‘does my bum look big in this’! I think the reason for the blog’s popularity is that it’s a real dilemma from a real woman. People like the fact their selection and sense of fashion, counts; that they’re making a difference by helping someone else. And it’s the instinctive, gut-reaction from people whom I don’t know, that’s so invaluable for me.”

Rogers personally purchases the outfits she plans to wear for events from well-known UK high street retailers including Karen Millen, Zara, French Connection and Primark and the outfit with the most votes is worn at events ranging from Royal Ascot and private parties during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, to weddings, birthday celebrations, casual dinners with friends and family lunches. The range of prices for outfits featured varies with every posting: an outfit for high-end occasions like Ascot can cost around £250, whilst others will often cost under £50. Retailers including Wallis have already contributed Gg some of their clothes to feature and wear on the blog.

According to Rogers, the immediate priority for the blog in 2012 is to continue to grow the number of site visitors and Twitter followers so that the what-towear.blogspot might become an online “people’s choice” not only for consumers and fashion retailers, but also for other different retail sectors which want to keep their fingers on consumer trends using an effective blog that’s written by an average female for other like-minded women. As she explains: “The approach my blog takes could be easily and really effectively used by businesses across the hospitality and entertainment market and in particular by restaurants, bars and hotels. In the case of the what-towear.blogspot, whilst there are certainly stores online with huge followings, there are also others which I significantly outstrip. The approach that my blog takes seems to be ticking a lot of consumer boxes. I hope it may start to create a buzz amongst businesses too as ‘one to watch’.”

Aside from the, Gg is also known as founder of the highly successful site which has, since 1993, been providing wedding dancing lessons for couples who wish to have their first wedding dance professionally choreographed.



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