Editorial Policy

Editorial Guidelines for submitting news and features to creativematch.com (creativematch)

We'd love to hear about what you've been up to, stuff you've created, campaigns you've been involved with, things you want to say or get off your chest.

These guidelines are designed to help you understand what is acceptable for inclusion on creativematch.

Some Do's and Dont's

Do make sure your article is of interest and relevant to the creative industry and its clients

Do include a relevant image/video wherever possible, not your company logo unless it is about your new one! (1000 pixels wide, depth in pro, saved for web)

Do include links to relevant sites (it is better for SEO to link keywords rather than 'click here')

Do make sure your article has some content (not just 'See our website for more info')

Do link to your article from your own site or blog (you will be sent a link)


Don't publish anything that may be considered defamatory, libelous, or infringes on the legal rights of others

Don't use images that belong to other people without their express permission

Don't use your logo as te main image on your news item, unless you are talking about your new brand/logo design

Do not blatantly self promote


Do not repeat a previous submission

Unfortunately we can't promote events in our news channel.

News submitted to creativematch is subject to review before it is published. The editor's decision is final and correspondence may not be entered into regarding non publication other than referring to this Editorial Policy.

Once approved your news will appear on our website and may also appear in our newsletter emails.

Full Members news is prioritised in searches and email alerts, and includes all contact details including a logo. News submitted by non members has a link to their contact details only.

There will be no compensation from creativematch for the content submitted unless previously agreed.

Submission of news items and articles on creativematch to Google News, News Now or other third party sites is not guaranteed or implied nor does this form part of any contract with creativematch.

Need help?

Here's a walkthru on adding news to creativematch.

We're very happy to discuss any questions, ideas or content you'd like to submit. Please contact us.

creativematch reserves any and all rights not expressly stated herein.