Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I log in?
2. How do I advertise jobs?
3. How do I add news 
4. How do I update my name/address details?
5. How do I make myself more visible?
6. What are keywords?
7. How can I check my statistics?
8. How do I publish my portfolio?

1. How do I log in?
You need your Username and Password. If you have logged in before but cannot remember your password, click here.

2. How do I advertise jobs?
You will need to be a Full Member to add your own vacancies. Full Members can add as many as they wish, for free.

Once you have logged in using your Username and Password - links appear in the top. Just click on 'jobs' and fill in the simple form.

Click here for more info on adding a job.

If you are a Recruitment Company, you'll need a Recruitment Membership.

3. How do I add news?
You can add news and PR to creativematch, you just need to log in and click on 'news' and follow the links. There's more information about adding news here.

NB - Full Members news gets priority in our searches and in our emails, they also get branding, contact details and web link on the news pages.

4. How do I update my details?
If you have a page in creativematch this is highly visible in the search engines. this page can contain links to all your content (news, jobs, portfolio, comments, ratings etc), so it is vital your contact details are up to date. You can update your details at anytime. You'll need a Username and Password (see 1 above) - just login and click on 'listing'.

5. How do I make myself more visible?
Search engines will 'see' your page on creativematch. So make sure your details are up-to-date, that you are listed in as many categories as are relevant and that you manage your keywords (see 5 below).

You can also upgrade  to a Full Member get priority on web searches and in our emails. This will increase your visibility on creativematch - click here for details.

6. What are keywords?
Keywords is a field you can put content in, once you are logged in. We use what you put in the 'keywords' field to help refine searches for products and services you provide.

You can use these to help refine how people find you. The text you put in here is used by our search engine, and can be used by other major search engines to find you.

7. How can I check my statistics?
At the moment this feature is disabled. We'll soon be enabling Members to add their Google Analytics so they can see what we're doing for them.

8. How do I publish my portfolio?
This is a new service from creativematch. You can publish up to 2 projects, with video (.flv), sound, PDFs and unlimited images in your portfolio. Once logged in, click on 'portfolio'.

Portfolio Members and Full Members's portfolios are not limited. For more info click here.