Add jobs to creativematch

Posting jobs is really easy, once you have your login Username and Password - and of course the right account priviledges.


Login with your Username and Password. You will then see this screen.

adding jobs

1. Click where indicated 'jobs' in the navigation that has now appeared at the top.

You'll then see this screen;

adding a creative job


2. Click where indicated 'add a job'.

You'll then see this screen;

add new media jobs

3. Fill in the 'Job title', 'Job Teaser' and 'Job Description' where indicated.

You'll then see this screen;


4. Fill in the 'Contact Name', 'Contact Email', select the 'Category' and 'Location', fill in the 'Salary', select 'Job Type' (permanent, freelance etc), your own 'Reference' and also select the dates whithin which you'd like your job to appear (there is a default time already selected).

5. Then click 'Submit'.

Make sure your Job Title is a commonly used term and not mixed with other words (like a reference). Our search engine will list 'like' jobs by matching titles. If your title is 'Junior Designer 1234' it will not be listed with other 'Junior Designer' roles.

a. When you 'Submit' where indicated your job is posted to our servers and is held awaiting approval from one of our team - it will not be displayed until this is complete - usually a couple of hours at the most.

b. Your contact details, together with your phone numbers, address and logo are automatically included. You do not need to enter these in the body or description of the job.

c. In common with all web editing and CMS (content management systems) it is best to copy and paste any content from a text editor such as Notepad - copying from Word or other applications may cause formatting issues.

d. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address logged on.