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Scott Engering

Scott Engering portfolio

A few photographs and articles that reflect some of my interests...

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Katalyst Productions Ltd

Katalyst is a London-based documentary production company specialising in observational docs. We also are promo producers and tv commercial directors, and creatives.

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Andrew Godfrey Photographer

Andrew Godfrey Photographer portfolio

Andrew is a freelance photographer working in the UK and worldwide for branding agencies and corporate clients. The work he produces is observational with the aim of capturing natural looking images t…

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Creative Photography

Creative Photography  portfolio

Rosalie Wiesner deals with themes such mortality and fragility, dream imagery as well as photography's ongoing quest to depict both real and illusionary appearances. She has worked, exhibited and publ…

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A Self Observation

A Self Observation portfolio

I'm a young student photographer, I love expressing different types of my personality through my photographic work. I have such a deep passion for photography not just self portraits but every aspect …

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