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Pinwin Ltd

7 Mount Mews, TW12 2SH
Telephone 01932 269979
Unfortunately we do not have an email for Pinwin Ltd, but please mention creativematch if contacting them by phone.

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PinWin : Welcome PinWin is a promotional, gaming and competition system that has a number of major advantages over existing schemes including: minimal capital cost; works across all media without adaptation; can either be an 'instant win' or points based system without change; easy to integrate, implement and administer; can operate as a tactical gaming system or as a long-term, multi-channel loyalty system; can run along side existing promotional campaigns and loyalty programmes; can be phased in and tested without major upfront commitment; totally flexible and works to your requirements. PinWin uses as its basis a product called the Pincard. The Pincard is a clever way of recalling PINs in an easy to use format and gives PinWin the means to be totally media independent.


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